How much do you charge for tattoos?

The hourly rate for being tattooed is $150 per hour unless otherwise discussed with the artist. Some custom flash pieces may be purchased at a flat rate depending on the final size and location.

When can I expect a response to my tattoo inquiry?

All emails are answered in the order they are received. Depending on my travel schedule and work load at the time, I try to respond to emails within 3-10 days of their initial send date. I answer all emails and messages personally. Sometimes I can be available for unscheduled consults if you want to call the shop before hand and make sure I’m available that day.

How does the deposit work and

Why do I need to leave a deposit?

A deposit of $100 is required if you wish to set an appointment to get a tattoo. This deposit comes out of the final price of your tattoo. The deposit also insures that you will show up for your appointment at the time specified and agreed upon with the artist, which is usually set after the consultation. 72 hours notice is required to reschedule your appointment or the deposit is null and void and a new deposit will be required to set a new appointment. If a tattoo takes multiple sessions to complete, your next appointment will be made the day you get tattooed and the deposit will roll over until the final session. If you want to schedule multiple dates to be tattooed, then a deposit is required for each appointment scheduled. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. No deposit will ever be refunded for any reason.

What should I expect/ have prepared for my consultation?

Please have any and all references and ideas for your tattoo immediately accessible at the time of your consultation, unless previously emailed or included in your initial inquiry to get tattooed. The more references the artist can have of anything and everything to try and develop a desired image, the better. Things you really like, things you really don’t like, and anything in between from an inspirational quote or picture to a desired color scheme or pallet. It is also the time to answer any and all questions regarding your tattoo including how long your tattoo might take/ how many sessions it may take to complete your tattoo. If certain desired pigments will work with your skin tone. If a certain image will work for the placement desired or as a cover up, etc. If you wish to make changes or have any questions after the initial consultation, they can be answered at the time of your appointment or another consultation will need to be booked at least 72 hours before your appointment.

Do I get to see my tattoo design before my appointment?

All final designs are not shared until the day of your tattoo appointment. If you have any questions or concerns, they can be answered the day of and if any changes need to be made they can be made the day of the appointment or if that’s not possible then the appointment will be changed to a later date.

Do you do coverups?

Yes! Coverups usually take quite a bit of artistic freedom and imagination but when both can be achieved, I really enjoy making something old and undesirable into something beautiful and what my client would be proud to wear.

How often do you travel?

My schedule is always changing so the best way to see when and where I’ll be is to check my Instagram page @hqtattoos and if necessary ask via direct message or email.